Tramway Cities of Sweden

Tram Cities Sweden is an organization that aims to make it easier to build new tramways. The organization disseminates information and promotes collaboration on tramway projects in order to faciliate the operation of current systems, as well as establishment of new ones.

Today our members are large municipalities and regional public transport authorities in Sweden . The association also welcomes companies active in the tramway market and other interested parties such as research groups or foreign operators as associated members.

Since year 2000, interest in tramways and light rail has increased in a number of Swedish municipalities. Urbanization, climate and environmental concerns, issues of access and the need for greater capacity in public transport have all contributed to changing the earlier policy of shutting down tramways that has been the dominant trend since the middle of the 20th century.

The need for collaboration
The turn around regarding tramways has generated a great deal of pressure to create structures that can deal with tramway expansions. City planning rules are not well adapted to these needs, funding models work badly and collaboration between cities and stakeholders is essential. Something needed to be done to facilitate tramway expansion.

Foundation of Tram Cities Sweden
This led to the formation of Tram Cities Sweden, a network for organizing collaboration between interested bodies. On 18 September 2009 the network became a registered non-profit association and Tram Cities Sweden was formed at a meeting in the County Administration headquarters in Stockholm.

An executive committee was appointed with representatives of Sweden’s largest municipalities and regional transportation authorities. Corporations and interest groups are also welcome to take part in the work of the association. The association is fully funded by the membership fees.

Join Tram Cities Sweden
As a member of the association, your organization will become part of Sweden’s best-developed network for facilitating the expansion of modern tramways. Sweden’s Tramway Cities is a non-profit association. Our collaborators are politicians who are responsible for making decisions about extending public transport, officials who manage the processes and corporations with specialist expertise in the field.

An important aspect of the association’s activities is the mutual exchange of information with a view to raising the level of expertise in all fields related to urban development and modern tramways. Another important aspect of our work is formulating the issues that hinder the expansion of tramway systems and then using influence to improve the conditions for cost-effective expansion with optimal value to society.

Municipalities and regional public transport authorities that become members have the right to appoint two politicians to join the executive committee of the association. Officials are welcome to take part in a special reference group for officials. All members have the opportunity to take part in the association’s conferences. Corporations, interest groups, foreign municipalities and foreign public transport authorities are welcome to become associate members. They are not eligible to sit on the executive committee but are welcome to take part in reference groups, conferences and all the association’s other activities.

List of current members of the organization

Members of the executive committee of the organization

You are always welcome to contact us at our office in Stockholm if you are interested in becoming a member or require further information.

Illustration: A vision of the planned tramway on Amiralsgatan in Malmö. Copyright: Metro Arkitekter and the project Spårvagnar i Skåne.