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Spårvagnsstäderna's elected board

Spårvagnar har hög kapacitet

The board of Spårvagnsstäderna is elected at the annual meeting, and every city and region who is a Member can nominate representatives from their cities. Every city and region should appoint one person from the majority coalition, and one from the opposition. 

In the list below, letters in parenthesis indicate which party the person represents in their city. Within the association, party designations aren't used. 


Rickard Malmström (MP), Deputy Mayor, City of Uppsala 

Vice president

Karin Jonsson (C), Deputy mayor, Norrköping municipality

Board Members

Anna Thunell (MP), Deputy mayor, City of Västerås
Daniel Helldén (MP), Deputy mayor for traffic, City of Stockholm
Håkan Fäldt (M), Member of the municipal executive board and second Vice President of the Technical Services committee, City of Malmö
Jenny Lundström (MP), Alternate member of Public Transport Committee, Uppsala Region
Mona Forsberg (S), Deputy mayor, Jönköping municipality
Muharrem Demirok (C), Deputy mayor, Linköping municipality
Peter Hermansson (M), Chairman of the board, Västtrafik
Toni Orsulic (M), Charman of the Traffic Committee, City of Gothenburg

Alternate board members

Anna Hård af Segerstad (M), Deputy opposition leader, City of Västerås
Inger Edvardsson (S), Member of the Traffic Committee, City of Stockholm
Jonas Segersam (KD), Deputy opposition leader, City of Uppsala
Lina Alm (M), Opposition councillor, Norrköpings kommun
Mari Hultgren (S), Deputy opposition leader, Linköpings municipality
Per Tenggren (S), Vice chairperson, Västtrafik
Peter Jutterström (M), deputy opposition leader, Jönköping municipality

Management auditor

Mimmi Mickelsen (Gothenburg)

Election committee

Martin Schmidt, Norrköping municipality

Vacancies in the board are filled at the annual meeting.

Hans Cruse, is hired as director for the association and is running the day to day operations. Feel free to contact the office for questions regarding membership and other questions.