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Introducing TramTalks

Spårvagnsstäderna quietly launched our new webinar series TramTalks (Spårsnack in Swedish) where topics concerning tramways and light rail will be highlighted in a short and informative manner. Now it is time for a launch for a wider audience. The webinars are a way to fill the gaps between our larger events such as Spårvägsforum. 

- We are very happy to be able to offer this for our members. The demand for web based activities has increased and it's likely at least some of this demand will remain even after the pandemic, as it's very easy for participants to sit down in front of their computer with a cup of coffee for a 45 minute seminar instead of having to travel to attend a physical seminar. It also gives us a way to present exciting news from the sector without having to wait for the next big physical conference, says Hans Cruse, director of Spårvagnsstäderna.

The new event is a part of Spårvagnsstäderna's work to attract more Nordic members to the association, but we are also eyeing Europe. That's why many of the webinars will be in English, and then under the name "TramTalks" - in an effort to quickly let the audience know which language the event is in. 

- We need more exchange of knowledge and information, but within the Nordic countries but also in Europe, and we have noticed that there is an international interest in our work. We are in principle alone in working with these issues full time and as a non-profit base in the Nordic countries, therefore we need to widen our horizon. As a part of this internationalization work we have translated our webpage to English, and we try be bilingual as much as we can. We hope that in the long run we will attract more members this way, continues Cruse. 

TramTalks (or Spårsnack when in Swedish) will be published with a variable frequency, but we will try to aim for at least 1-2 times per month. The webinar will sometimes be arranged solely by Spårvagnsstäderna, and sometimes in cooperation with our sister organizations in other countries. Most webinars will be open for everyone, but there will be variants and they will also be available later. The webinars will also get their own graphic profile, just like Spårvägsforum dit a few years ago. The January webinars will be about virtual reality in driver training and how we can use artificial intelligence to anticipate crowds.

- It's very exciting for us to do this, we have never done it before. We know our members have requested it and now we can finally offer it, Cruse states with badly hidden enthusiasm.


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