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Spårsnack #2 - Virtual Reality in driver training


Welcome to Spårvagnsstäderna webinar Spårsnack on Virtual Reality in Driver Training!

Current methods to train tram drivers in class rooms and then moving around in real traffic with trams that cost over 30 million SEK with an instructor is both costly and inefficient. The alternative with physical simulators has large drawbacks too, being expensive and inflexbile. The new generation consumer virtual reality headsets offer new possibilities to train and recruit driver's in a cost effcient manner. The next generation of drivers already own their VR headsets. VR simulations can build muscle memory and reflexes in different scenarios by repeating them in a hyper realistic traffic environment, which makes it feels like you're really in the driver's cabin. Operators can now offer tram drivers the same training experience as pilots have in flight simulators. In this webinar Anders Grönstedt will tell us more about how the new VR and game technology already is used by American tram operators to train drivers and maintenance staff. 

Please note that this webinar is held in Swedish.