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TramTalks #5 - Easy adaptations for passengers with vision impairment

Welcome to TramTalks #5 hosted by Spårvagnsstäderna. This time completely in English and accessible for all of our audience.

Accesibility for passengers with visions impairment is an important factor in all public transport, not only trams. But adapting an already existing system with new technologies can be difficult and expensive. Navilens has developed a system that aims to help both people with vision impairments and lost travellers in the system with (for the user) very simple means with low maintenance costs. In this webinar Navilens will present their technology, and show how it's been put to good use in several public transport systems.

TramTalks consists of a 30 minutes talk with time for questions. Our webinar series TramTalks (and when it's in Swedish Spårsnack) is intended to give small, short interesting talks on niche topics for anyone who is interested in tramway related issues, and was started after more events were requested by our members. Topics vary and change from time to time. TramTalks are usually open for everyone.