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Recommendation for Contractual Terms

Recommendation for Contractual Terms regarding Trams

The board of Spårvagnsstäderna has November 24, 2012 executed a recommendation regarding the contractual models which may be used in procurement of tramcars in Sweden. The purpose of the initiative is to promote further introduction of trams in Sweden, to minimize unnecessary costs in future procurements and to render procurement- and delivery processes more effective.

In this work, representatives of both suppliers and purchasers have discussed and agreed on solutions for important contractual principles for deliveries of tramcars. The parties of the market are still free to set the conditions for procurements and deliveries, but by way of the recommendations, the actors are provided with tools designed to simplify the process.

The initiative from Spårvagnsstäderna is based on the substantial change which is taking place in the business with regards to the view on contracts and deliveries, e.g. by a shift of the duty to secure verification of the delivery’s correspondence to the agreed requirements from the purchaser’s organization to the supplier.

Swedish purchasers and European suppliers have taken part in the project.