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Tramway plans in Gothenburg

Göteborg. Bild: Tony Webster CC BY 2.0

Gothenburg has the largest tramway network in Scandinavia and is in a constant state of improving the system. There are currently several tramway projects in progress, such as new connections to increase flexibility and completely new extension to connect to neighborhoods to the tramway system. Among the larger projects is system extension along Norra Älvstranden (currently served by a double articulated bus) and an extension to Backa. Gothenburg has a long term investment plan which contain many projects, and some already in progress.

Information regarding these projects can be found on different places on the web, depending on how close to realization they are. For instance, new bridge to Hisingen is under construction while other projects are still in a conceptual phase and can be found in the Västtrafik 2035 vision documents.

The map below shows coming and recently completed projects in solid yellow.