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Tramway plans in Norrköping


The expansion of the tramway in Norrköping continues in a slow and deliberate manner, usually along corridors that have been reserved for potential future expansions. The corridors are a way for the municipality to keep construction costs low by reducing the need to move utilities as none have been placed there pending the future tramway. Aside from the regular extensions of the system, Norrköping also wants to build a few "missing link" in the system. 

As the master plan of the system is updated, new tramway sections are added. Most urgent at the time is the fast link between Söder Tull and Ljura, which will cut travel times to Hageby and hence make the tramway more attractive to passengers. The extension to Södra Butängen is connected to the construction of Ostlänken (the high speed railroad between Stockholm and Norrköping) and the new station. The expansion to Vrinnevi is a way to connect to hospital to the rest of the tramway system. 

During 2020, Norrköping will be receiving the 6 trams it has had on loan to Spårväg City in Stockholm. These Bombardier Flexity trams will undergo maintenance and some repair work, before being sent out in the streets. 

Planned track construction in Norrköping is 6,1 km in total, and is pending future financing:
Vrinnevi/Vilbergen 3,3 km
Snabblänk Ljura-Södertull 0,7 km
Östra Saltängen 1,6 km
Södra Butängen 0,5 km



Top picture - Cityscape in the future Norrköping with the future travel center in the background.
Picture by Erik Telldén, Norrköpings kommun.