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TramTalks #6 - An outlook from Tampere

Welcome to TramTalks #6 hosted by Spårvagnsstäderna and We are very excited for the partnership between our two associations to continue so that we can keep bringing interesting inspiration from other tramway cities.

This time we turn our eyes to the east, to the Finnish city of Tampere that's building a tramway scheduled to open later in 2021. Tests of the system are ongoing and an extension has already been approved before the first line has even opened. Learn more about the tramway and the city's plan from Antti Haukka, project manager from the City of Tampere.

This TramTalk will be slightly longer than usual, about an hour. It's is coorganized with Please note that this event is held completely in English.

Our webinar series TramTalks (and when it's in Swedish Spårsnack) is intended to give small, short interesting talks on niche topics for anyone who is interested in tramway related issues, and was started after more events were requested by our members. Topics vary and change from time to time. TramTalks are usually open for everyone, but are sometimes restricted to members only.

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