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Registration open for Spårvägsforum 2021

Welcome to this spring's Spårvägsforum 2021!

For information in Swedish, click the language button in the upper right corner. 

It is time for the most important annual event in the Swedish tramway sector. Since the world is not back to normal yet, we will adapt the conference. Read more about that below in the section "Covid and us" 

The agenda is as always planned so that everyone can find something they're interested in. It won't matter if you're working with daily maintenance of vehicles or if you're an executive - you will find something that you like. Many, but not all, agenda points will be in English too for our international guests.  



Thursday May 27th 13.00-17.00

13.00 – 13.05 – Welcome to Spårvägsforum!
Welcome to Spårvägsforum and our Zoom room. General information and housekeeping.

13.05 – 13.35 – Introduction to the tramway in Lund
Learn about the new tramway system in Lund, what are the hopes and expectations for the line – and what are the actual experiences from operating a brand-new line from an operator’s point of view? Gunnar Göthberg from Vy Buss will provide an insight. This agenda point will be in Swedish, but questions in English are of course welcome.

Short break

13.40 – 14.15 - Virtual study visit in Lund (with English subtitles)
See the new tramline in Lund for yourself. We have put together a virtual narrated study trip along the line and in the depot. Your guide for the day will be Maria Asterhed, traffic manager at Vy Buss in Lund. Together we will visit the depot, and see the line snaking its way from the last stop into the city center. Opportunities for questions at the end. The visit will be narrated in Swedish but have English subtitles.  Gunnar Göthberg will be available to answer all your questions after the clip.

14.15 – 14.30 – Networking break
Take the chance to meet your colleagues, make new contacts or gossip about the latest from the tramway sector over a cup of coffee. You will be randomly divided into smaller groups for this networking break.

14.30 – 15.15 - Retrofitting batteries in older rolling stock
The lifecycle of rolling stock is long, and modernization of rolling stock that meet today's demands is necessary. Many cities opt for a catenary free systems when expanding their systems or building new ones for many reasons such as to preserve a historic city center or reduce the maintenance requirements of the tramway line or decrease the investment cost. But can the older rolling stock be retrofitted with batteries to meet the requirements of the catenary free systems? Hitachi rail has run a trial in Florence, Italy and Marco Sacchi from Hitachi Rail will share some experiences.

Short break

15.25 - 16.10 – Collision avoidance systems
Collisions - no matter how minor are expensive to fix, causes disruptions of operations and takes time to repair. So how do we minimize the number of collisions and at the same time reduce maintenance cost? We look towards other industries and implement that technology on trams too. Bosch has developed anti collision technology, and Dr. Ruprecht Anz from Bosch engineering will share the latest developments with us. 

16.15 – 17.00 – International outlook from Graz
This year we are honored to be visited by Wolfgang Feigl (Head of the Transport Planning Department) and Bertram Werle (Head of the City Planning Department) from the city of Graz in Austria. The city is in a very expansive phase of their tramways, and we will hear not only of the new tramways, but also how they will influence the city and future plans.


Friday May 28th

9.00 – 9.50 – Why we travel the way we do
Camilla Struckmann, communications director at Movia will present a study that analyzes why people do the choices they do in public transport. What are the important lessons to keep in mind when planning new tramways and other public transport? And how do we gain customers back post covid? The study takes an anthropological approach to questions usually answered with travel surveys to provide a deeper understanding. 

Short break

10.00 – 10.45 – Very Light Rail - the next step in rolling stock development?
A development project from Coventry in the UK aims to develop lighter vehicles and infrastructure, which will make tramways easier and cheaper to build, and make it accessible for smaller cities. Nicola Small, senior programme manager for the project participates and will tell us more about the project.

10.45 – 11.00 – Networking break
Take the chance to meet your colleagues, make new contacts or gossip about the latest from the tramway sector over a cup of coffee. You will be randomly divided into smaller groups for this networking break. Representatives from the Very light rail project will remain in the networking break to answer your questions.

11.00 – 11.45 – More ways to finance tramways
Building tramways and investing in rolling stock is a significant investment and financing can often be a challenge for cities and regions. KFW, the German Investment bank will present alternative options to finance your new tramway or fleet renewal, and a case from Germany will be presented by Sylvia Sedlacek, Director Mobility & Transport, Florian Feliziter, Vice President Mobility & Transport and Christoph Gerke – Director Mobility & Transport


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Welcome to join us online May 27th-28th!


Practical information
The event takes place over two days, from lunch to lunch. The price to participate is 1950 SEK. 

Registration to the conference is binding, but you can change the name on the registration up until the event starts. Just send an email to our office.

Please note that Spårvagnsstäderna is a non-profit organization and not registered for VAT. 

The event is open for everyone (usually only open for members), but carries a fee. Feel free to take this chance to see what our organization is about. If you are a student we can offer you free participation, send us an email for instructions on how to do that. 

The event runs for two half days, May 27th 13.00-17.00 and May 28th 9.00-12.00. 

Your personal info
We handle your personaly info as responsibly as we can. We save the info we need for billing and for our annual reports to our members. Other information will be deleted after the conference.


What about a physical meeting?
Unfortunately, due to government restrictions we are unable to hold a physical meeting at this time. We hope we will be able to do so in the late fall instead, on a special fall edition.