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Front of the brochure

Spårvagnsstäderna releases brochure about modern tramway and Spårvagnsstäderna

Today Spårvagnsstäderna is releasing a brochure regarding moder tramways. The work has been done during 2020 and has finally been completed. The purpose of the brochure is to highlight tramways as an efficient mode of transport, but also to make the association's work more visible. 

- It is important to present tramways as the attractive mode of transport it is, and the benefits tramway construction actually provides for the city image and the sustainability goals, says Hans Cruse, director of Spårvagnsstäderna.

The brochure is available in two versions, one with digital interactive elements, and an analogue paper version which will be available on events and through the office. All members of the association has been given the opportunity to show what they do in the tramway world in the brochure. 

- It is great to see that so many of our associated members have taken advantage of this possibility. Spårvagnsstäderna is a wide interest association that welcomes all actors that are somehow tied to tramways, and that means that both cities and regions can join, but also companies and organizations. With the brochure we had the chance to showcase this width, and the possibilities our members have for learning from each other. The interaction between our members is essential for the development of good tramways, it's rarely succesful to reinvent the wheel over and over again on your own, continues Cruse. The collaboration between for instance architects and track builders so that the design programs correspond with realistic scenarios in an early stage are one thing that that can come from the cooperation between actors. 

In the brochure there's also a section in English about the association. That's an important step of internationalization work of the association. Sweden and the other Nordic countries are being discovered by more and more international actors who are curious about the market here, and the language can sometimes be a barrier to enter the market - no matter how good the product is.

- It is important that the association becomes more accesible also for international actors who aren't proficient in Swedish. Cities and regions from our neighboring countries have always been able to join the association, but the language has been a barrier. The same goes for other foreign actors, the internationalization increases the value and lowers the threshold for them to join the association. We hope to have the privilege of welcoming more international members soon, Cruse finishes. 

For anyone who wants to order a paper brochure, send an email to the office. 

>> The interactive brochure can be found here. A PDF version can be found with on the link.