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Spårvägsforum returns to Gothenburg May 5-6th 2022

It is time for the spring edition of Spårvägsforum to take place in Gothenburg May 5-6th 2022. As usual we invite you to a two day conference with a full agenda of news from Gothenburg, technical visits, networking dinner and international outlooks. 

What is Spårvägsforum?
Spårvägsforum is Spårvagnsstäderna's largest event and one of the most important events focusing on tramways/light rail in the Nordics. It is organized once or twice per year with participants from all over the world - though most are Scandinavian. 2021 we had participants from 10 different countries. The interest for Swedish and Nordic projects is big and there are a lot of experiences to be shared. 

What to expect at Spårvägsforum?
When you participate at Spårvägsforum you will receive a broad agenda that is interesting both to you who are workin on the supplier side, but also for you who is a political decision maker or a public servant. You will also have ample opportunities for networking and catching up with colleagues both old and new. 


Thursday May 5th

9.00 – 12.00 – Study visit SKF
Our associated member SKF invite all participants to this pre-conference activity where you get a chance to visit the SKF factory in Gothenburg. SKF is widely known for their products and it’s very likely you have their wheel bearings in your tram. A very exciting visit, which includes a coffee break. Please note that you will have to preregister for this event.

12.05 - Transport to venue with tram from Drottningtorget stop F
This tram is also transporting participants for the pre-conference activity. Please make sure you board the correct tram. If you wish to go by regular tram or miss our special service, there are plenty of other options. Please consult Västtrafiken app or Google maps. The tram is located across from the central train station on the square.

12.15 – 13.15 – Venue opens, and lunch is served upstairs

13.15 – 13.20 – Welcome to Spårvägsforum!

13.20 – 13.45 – What’s going on in Gothenburg
Learn more about upcoming projects, and what we will see on our trip around the city.  Martin Stenfeldt, program leader for tramway and city bus Brunnsbo-Linné and Magnus Ståhl, traffic planner, both from the traffic office of Gothenburg municipality will tell us what is happening in city.

13.45 – 15.00 – Visit to Gothenburg tramway and new depot
Guided by Magnus Ståhl, we will travel by vintage trams around the city to experience the network and see some of the places presented in the presentation. Attendees needing English translations are requested to gather in the middle car for translation by the Spårvagnsstäderna’s director. Please dress according to the weather and we will be moving outside.

15.00 – 15.30 – Networking ‘fika’
Take the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and make new connections at the coffee break.

15.30 - 15.50 – Delivering a new tram to Gothenburg
Delivering a new vehicle to Gothenburg - Delivering a new vehicle to an existing system comes with all kinds of challenges and learning opportunities. In this presentation, Pär Bladin from Alstom will give us an idea of what they have learned when delivering M33.

15.50 – 16.15 – Tramway typology
Tramway typology - Tramway cities in Sweden are working together to come up with a basic common framework for safety. In this work it is important to organize different parts of tramways into different types, and this will the base for what safety protocols to follow. It is more challenging than it seems, and PG Andersson from Trivector will tell us more about the work.

16.15 - 16.55 – Trains with brains
Backed by data science together with expertise rooted in engineering and railway technology CEMIT is redefining sustainable transport on a global scale. European champions in innovation accelerate towards growth in intelligent railways. The technology with handling and visualizing large amounts of data provides predictability and constant intelligent monitoring of trains and rail-related infrastructure. Taking new snap shots of reality through frequent measuring and analyses (digital twin) depicts change, which enables us to track and follow and thus predict deviation and their consequences i.e., errors as well as opportunities to save money, effort, and customer-satisfaction. Traffic can flow smoothly, punctually, and safely. Meet Stephan Marstrander and Per Mörlin från CEMIT who will tell us more.

19.00 – Doors open for networking dinner at the Tramway Museum
Together we will enjoy an informal food truck tapas networking dinner in a historic setting. The museum is located at J Sigfrid Edströms gata 2, just a short walk from the nearest tram or bus stop. If you need help finding your stop, please ask at the conference. Before and after dinner you will have the chance to browse the collections of the museum. Please be aware that this is a live depot, watch out for tracks and it can get chilly, bring a jacket or sweater.

Friday May 6th

 8.40 – 9.10 – A wholistic look at driver assistance
Continental Engineering has taken the step from the automotive industry into the light rail industry and develop technologies that not only avoid frontal collisions, but also systems that measure driver attentiveness, reduce driver fatigue, and improve safety for vulnerable road users. Meet David Ritzenthaler who will lead us into the interesting world of automotive technology being deployed on the next generation light rail.

9.10 – 9.30 – International outlook from Australia
In a rare international outlook we get a presentation about new tramways in Australia via link. This is a virtual interactive presentation.

Leg stretcher

9.35 – 10.00 – Safer bicycle crossings
Signage and well-designed bicycle crossings are important, but sometimes physical infrastructure is important. Here we will hear more from Robert Woerfel representing Seal-Able about one way of making it safer for bicyclists to cross tracks.

10.00 – 10.40 – Climate adaption of tramway infrastructure
Extreme weather like extreme heat, cold, rain or snow becomes more and more common, and creates new requirements for the tramway infrastructure to maintain service. Hervé Mazzoni from Systra will give us practical examples on how tramway systems have been adapted, and what to consider when we plan for future systems.

10.40 – 11.15 – Networking ‘fika’

Walk to Korsvägen tram stop at your convenience. Arrive at the latest 11.10 please.

11.15 – 12.00 - M33t Gothenburg's new tram
We will take a trip with and learn more about the M33 vehicle, the newest addition to Gothenburg’s tram fleet.
Please note that this agenda item is subject to the traffic situation during the day. If the vehicle is needed elsewhere this agenda item will be cancelled.

12.10 – Lunch served upstairs

End of conference



Practical information

The event is taking place at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, near the Korsvägen transit stop. The conference is from lunch day 1 to lunch day 2, in order to allow for participants to arrive the same day the conference starts and depart the same day it concludes. Gothenburg is served by several airlines, such as Lufthansa, Swiss and Brussels airlines. 

We recommend that you book accomodation as soon as you have registered. We do not have any special agreements with any hotels so you can chose according to your own preferences. Gothia Towers is the hotel closest to the venue. Please reach out if you need further recommendations. 

Participation fees
6400 SEK / 2 days
5400 SEK / 1 day (either Thursday or Friday, networking dinner is included in both tickets)
14900 SEK / Exhibition place that includes one person

In the fee lunch, coffee, dinner participation lists and presentation material (as it is provided by the speakers) is included. Free tickets are available for press and students, reach out the office.  

Booking policy
Registration to Spårvägsforum is binding, but you can replace participants. You can also move your participation to the next conference should you wish. We send invoices out after the event. We hope to be able to offer card payments.

Covid and us
We follow the health authorities recommendations and guidelines. At the moment there are no restrictions in place, and we don't expect any new restriction to be introduced. We monitor the sitation and we recommend that you wash your hands and be cautious anyway. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask you are more than welcome to do so. If you plan to join us from outside the EU, please check relevant travel information.