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Synergy Unleashed: Spårvägsforum and RailLive

Prepare to be immersed in a double dose of innovation and inspiration as two major players in the light rail conference realm, Spårvagnsstäderna and Terrapinn, team up to bring you an unrivaled experience. This partnership of visionary events is a celebration of urban mobility, sustainable practices, and the future of smart cities.

Spårvagnsstäderna's expertise in light rail seamlessly merges with Terrapinn's global influence in event orchestration. Together, they present an extraordinary opportunity for attendees to explore a broader spectrum of ideas, solutions, and best practices. By cross-promoting each other's conferences, they amplify the reach and impact of their collective mission – to accelerate the transition towards smarter, greener urban landscapes.

This collaboration isn't just about events; it's about fostering a global community of changemakers. Attendees of both conferences will benefit from an enriched experience, gaining fresh perspectives and forging connections that transcend borders.

As you mark your calendar for these dual powerhouses of insight, innovation, and networking, remember that participating in Spårvagnsstäderna's and Terrapinn's conferences isn't just attending events – it's becoming part of a movement to reshape the future of our cities.

Spårvägsforum is taking place on November 21-22:nd in Lund, Sweden

RailLive! is taking place on November 29th - December 1st in Madrid, Spain

We hope you will join both events!