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Governmental co-financing of projects 2018-2029

Invigningen av Spårväg City i Stockholm, medfinansierad av staten.

The national government co-finances public transport investments in Sweden's growing cities. Compared to earlier where the government named the projects it's co-financing in the national plan, they have put money aside in the Stadsmiljöavtal (City environment agreements) where municipalities and regions can apply for grants. In total, 12 billion SEK has been put aside to investments in the 2018-2029 timespan.


Aside from the funds set aside in the national plan, other separate agreements have been made with cities all over Sweden to improve public transport in general, but on tracks specifically, such as the Stockholm negotiation, the Sweden negotiation and the Uppsala Package. In these packages there are not only funding for tramways, but also railroads, metro and other forms of public transport. The local signatories to these agreement will also build more housing, bicycle infrastructure etc in order to secure funding from the government.

Below are links to agreements and plans, unfortunately only limited information is available in English.