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Tramway plans in the Nordic countries

Spårväg i snö i Norrköping.

Spårvagnsstäderna has compiled a list of existing plans and ideas for new tramways in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. Below is a list of projects that have been identified as good when municipalities and regions have analysed the need for future plans. 

Some tramways projects are already decided upon and financed with local, regional and national funds. Other projects have been staked out in general plans or are even earlier in the planning process. The objects differ in scope, Uppsala is planning for brand new tramway, while Gothenburg has several projects in the loop including both smaller and larger ones.


Cities with tramway plans before 2030

Tramway ambitions vary greatly in scope between different cities, and also the stages of realization. Lund has a system which is almost ready for service, while Uppsala will take a definite decision in the coming years. 

Read more about the different plans below:


Cities with tramway plans after 2030

Several cities are planning their public transport systems to create fast trunk bus lines in a way that will allow conversion to tramways in the future. This makes the bus services more attractive with more direct routes, increased visibility and long term reservations for public transport. These trunk lines can be converted to trams in the future should the need arise.

Read more about the plans below: