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Technical committee of tramway standardization

Tramway in Haag

Spårvagnsstäderna and the Swedish Standards Institute, SIS, gather Swedish entities who wants to address how tramways should be built and developed in the future. 

The committee had its first meeting in October 2013. In a first step the, committee decided to chart what standards and guidelines are already available an working, and it later continued its work in developing future standards. In their important work, the committee will closely watch what is happening on the European scene. Some of this work is now carried out by Transportstyrelsen when updating their regulations. 



The aim of the committee's work is to develop new standards for Swedish tramways. All interested organisations and companies are invited to participate in the work. The committee is aiming to hold 3-4 meetings per year and every participant is expected to have an interest for the questions discussed, but it's up to everyone to decide how much time to put into the work. SIS will lead the work in the committee. 


Benefits of participating

By participating in the work your organization or company can:

  • Influence the coming standards so it better suits your organization.
  • Access to the latest information in your area of interest
  • Access to a national and international network for knowledge exchange
  • Together with the other participants find areas that can benefit from standardization

All companies, authorities and organisations are welcome to participate in the work developing standards at SIS.

Link to the website of the technical committee at SIS

For more information, feel free to contact SIS at the link above.