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Documentation from events

Spårväg i Rom

Below you can find a list of available notes from our events that are available. Since 2015 our events are documented differently, but presentations are made available for participants at the events, as well as our members afterwards. Until a new database is ready to provide documents in real time, members can email the office to request documentation from any event. 



Documentation: Spårvagnsstäderna annual conference 


Documentation from the fall conference (Stockholm), 
Almedalen seminar: Should the government get involved the public transport of our growing cities?
Documentation: Spårvagnsstäderna annual conference 


Spårvagnsstäderna fall conference in Linköping 14-15th november 
Almedalen Seminar: Modern tramways and Sweden's economical competitiveness
Documentation: Spårvagnsstäderna annual conference 


Annual conference in Malmö March 8-9th: City development and public transport
Alemdalen seminar: Trams develop the city
Fall conference in Norrköping 25-26th September: Cost efficient investments in trams


Annual conference and financing seminar
Almedalen seminar: Trams for attractive cities: Spårvagnar för attraktiva städer


Almedalen seminar: Future of the tramways
Seminar in Norrköping November 9th: Expanding your tramways - experience from Norrköping, Gothenburg and Stockholm