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Tramtalks #7 - Risks associated with current emergency egress solutions and how to mitigate them; the way forward

Welcome to TramTalks #7 hosted by Spårvagnsstäderna. This time completely in English and accessible for all of our audience.
Safety is a very important part of any public transport mode, and hopefully although we hope there's no need to use them, safe and easy to use emergency egresses are needed if an accident happens. Windows of trams are one of the emergency exits in the vehicles, and this time we are welcoming Pia le Roux from Safe-T-PunchWe who will address this topic easily overlooked by passengers until the time it's needed. We learn more about toughened glass, its manufacturing and its purpose as well as why this glass is used for break-glass emergency window applications; its suitability and its dangers. But also learn about what regulations govern the emergency exits, as well uses and safeguards.

TramTalks consists of a 30 minutes talk followed by time for questions.

Our webinar series TramTalks (and when it's in Swedish Spårsnack) is intended to give small, short interesting talks on niche topics for anyone who is interested in tramway related issues, and was started after more events were requested by our members. Topics vary and change from time to time. TramTalks are usually open for everyone, but are sometimes restricted to members only.

Welcome to Sign up at this link. Sign up is open up until the webinar start.